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This pack has two versions free and premium, all the free version files are included in the premium version as well.

All of the foliage are made in blender and most of them are procedurally animated and optimized for both heavy bulk use and detailed close up shots.

This pack has total of 17 different foliage types that can be easily instanced or use for close up shots or to just fill up your background.

FREE pack////////
1.tree type 3
2. undergrowth type 1 (clover -ish)
3.undergrowth type 2 (flowering )
5.bush type 1
7.instancable bush
8.sticks(non-foliage yet free) yet free)
10.Dry grass

PREMIUM pack///////
*includes all of free items *
11.Tree type 1
12. Tree type 2
13. small plant (Alleplectus)
14.Bush type 2
15.basket grass
16.Legacy grass
17.Ziricote branch
18.Bagan BIlash
19. vine type tree

And on top of that two ground meshes with several particle systems showcasing both free and premium instances

NOTE : in both free and premium pack , do not delete “misc” collection
misc collection contains several drivers that control the animation and deformation of foliage asset


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