Paste from SketchUp

A small script that helps you copy objects in SketchUp, and paste them directly in 3dsMax, with the origin and texture preserved. It will still make your workflow a lot faster, especially for people who like to model on SketchUp.

Lastest version: 1.14
Updated date: 11/05/2022

This script has two method of “paste” in 3dsMax: new importer and legacy importer (old skp importer of 3dsMax).

If you use SketchUp 2014 and lower or SketchUp 2022 and higher, both methods will be support, regardless of the version of 3dsMax.

If you use SketchUp 2015 to 2021, you must have 3dsMax 2020 or higher, and legacy importer will not be supported.


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