Keeping it together – A tutorial by Alex Auró from Brick Visual

In this tutorial, Alex Auró from Brick Visual showcases how he created 3 images with different moods while keeping everything in one single file.

You will get some great tips and insights about:

– Creating a sunrise mood using a simple sun and sky
– Adding foreground shadows with a quick and dirty trick
– Achieving an overcast effect with the combination of a dome and sun
– Using the filmic tonemap, exposure and some lightmix to get a decent look right from the beginning
– Dealing with the problem of switching between layers and moving objects around for each camera
– Applying environment fog and aerial perspective to get more depth
– Setting up a render output for each image to prepare them for batch rendering

Alex explains his approach to composition and lighting for each image and goes deep into the elements that made his sketches. Throughout the tutorial he uses 3ds Max 2023, V-Ray 6 and Scene Manager as his main tools.

After each image, Alex uses the Scene Manager to gather and store all the settings. This allows him to jump between the scenes, try out different things and always restore the proper state.

⭐ About Alex:
Originally from Barcelona, Alex studied architecture at the School of Architecture of Barcelona where he discovered his passion for archviz. He launched his career at a small studio where he perfected his skills while doing some freelance work on the side. He relocated to Budapest in 2020 and has worked at Brick ever since. Since 2022, Alex has been sharing his expertise with aspiring 3D artists within Brick Academy’s courses.

⭐ Brick Visual:

👌 More about Scene Manager:
Scene Manager is an intuitive time saver for 3D Artists and Architects. Scene Manager collects all important settings that are scattered throughout 3ds Max and brings them together in a unified interface. For more info visit:

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